problem with SIF

hey there,

I have been noticing that when I try to go seat in front, I can’t get the back of the seat through my legs, and if I do, I have already fallen off or have swayed side-to-side too much trying to get it out that I fall off quite promptly. to get the seat out, do I just have to go bow-legged or get a new seat, or is there another way to solve this problem?

any help is much appreciated

Ive ridden with a viscount, Miyata/LX, KH/Torker DX/Qu-Ax seat, and have done SIF on all of them.

Just spread your legs a few cms apart and pull the seat out.

None of the seats ive ridden with have been so wide that its really hard or uncomfortable to get out, nor to get back in. I just toss the seat to get it back under me. =p

Lowering the seat a bit might help, so there’s more room for it slide through. I had the same problem whe I was learning SIF; an important part of it is to do it in one quick, smooth motion, so you’re like hopping seat-in, pause for a sec, quickly open your legs up and pull the seat out and close your legs, then keep hopping. I caught on pretty quickly, so I’m sure you can too.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I never really had a problem with SIF i kinda picked it up when i first did it, erm well i have my seat very low i find it easier generally to ride erm i just put legs a lil bit apart pull and yeah it comes after a while try doing it along a wall it helps so much,

SIF… :roll_eyes: My KH seatpost is too long and i need to cut it down, but I don’t wana hurt it lol. Well I aint fully confident with jumping yet, but I am kool with the transition :sunglasses:

thanks for all the reply’s, guys(that rhymed!). Unfortunately, my seat cannot go any lower, due to the fact that my brother also likes to ride my DX, and if I cut the seatpost anymore, he would not be able to ride it very well. Anyway, I have been spreading my legs farter out, and I can get it out in about two to three revolutions, and ride about 1 and a half, but I think it might be easier once I get taller (shouldn’t be too long) and am able to get the seat nearer to the knees instead of the top of the thighs when I stand up.

I had a similar problem with my first uni, albeit for a different reason - my seat was HUMONGOUS. What I found useful was learning to ride seat out altogether and be comfortable with that.

I could never go from riding to sif with that seat but when I changed my seat, it came pretty naturally.