Problem (?) with Schlumpf hub

I would like to know what´s the problem with Schlumpf hub in combination with disc brake, KH frame (26") and KH spirit cranks (127mm,150mm). I want to buy one for me, but I don´t want to shave the frame, bolts or something else. I heard something like that many Schlumpf hubs are in stocks and if they´ll not be sold the new ones (modified) will not produce… :thinking:

The problems with schlumpf hubs and disc brakes are relatively minor. And can be made to work with no or minor modification

I was keen to make the upgrade to disc brakes. And have limited workspace and tool. So I was keen to do this with no mods at all ( not in fact what happened )
So I upgraded from the 2011 to 2012 frame

Basically because there is no hard stop and no spacer , the final position of the crank on the hub can vary slightly from 1 crank or hub to the next

This means when assembled the crank and disc may ( relatively) far out on the hub . Needing some washers on the caliper mount
Or as in mine quite far on on the hub. Needing grinding of the frame beAring caps or disc bolts

I can only comment on my build. But was reasonably easy. Although a little frustrating to have to do

The clearances are very tight and it’s amazing it all fits, but it does

All you need for any mods are a flat metal file

I have just done the upgrade on my KH36, i have the older KH schlumpf hub and the older frame without brake bracket. Used spirit cranks and Bengal Helix brake set.
I needed to get the D brake bracket milled to obtain clearance, took off about 1.5mm
I need to shave frame outside edge, didn’t have to take much off, about .5mm by fileing.
i needed spacers on caliper bracket.

Works a treat although I haven’t gone very far on it yet.

picture of milled bracket to give clearance between shlumpf hub and bracket, as rotor / caliper is mounted outside frame, bracket is upside down and lettering faces into hub


thank you for your answers. I´ll wait for the modified KH frame or Schlumpf (?) hub. I don´t want these things if they don´t fit well together. Maybe Kris could be produce his own geared hub - better and cheaper… :roll_eyes:

…the newer schlumpf hub are produced for and with kh… :sunglasses:

I know it…:wink:

I think the suggestion that these items don’t work together or don’t work well together is a little harsh

The variability of the position of the crank and therefor the disc on the crank is due to the imperfect adaptation of the ISIS standard in unis

In bikes there is a hard stop to tighten the cranks down against. This fixes the position of the crank, the splines provide rotational stability
In the uni because we need to fit bearings over the axel a hard stop cannot be used
So our Isis is not really Isis

This is what most cranks in use are, so this is what the schlumpf hub was designed for

It seems it’s not perfect. But it does work.

I am no mechanic but I managed
And I think was well worth the effort

The Schlumpf geared hub was designed by Florian and Kris for unicycles and the KH spirit cranks too. So it must fit without any shaving on frame or disc brake mount. Simply it doesn´t fit with disc brakes… I´ll wait for new geared hub. :sunglasses:

Next generation of hubs has been rumored to have longer splines. So less chance you’ll need to file the paint off the frame. But i believe it will still be Isis

So there will still be the potential variability in crank position

I think your wait for thes hubs will be long. Think multiple years
Which is a shame. If you have the resources available for a
Schlumpf hub now, get one now. Not everyone loves them. But it’s a very interesting addition to uni collection, and I now ride little else

You don’t want to file the frame… Then don’t. Use rim brakes
However as it’s due to manufacturing tolerances and variation not every build needs such mods. I think I read a post by Kris stating 1 of his 4 geared hubs needed frame modification

I just think you are missing out on a pretty amazing piece of kit

The NEW geared hub will be available in summer 2013!!! I´m waiting…