Problem with nokian gazz on KH rim

For the last few weeks i’ve been running my 05 KH MUni with a nokian gazz tyre.
I’ve been loving the exrtra traction, but there has been one problem:
The tyre (yes, the tyre) keeps on getting out of true.

The second time i went for a ride with the new setup i noticed that after a 3’ drop i did the tyre started rubbing on the frame on one side. I naturally thought i’d buckled the rim and took it to my LBS to get trued. They gave it back to me after doing nothing saying that the rim was fine.

By the end of my next ride the tyre was rubbing on not one side of the frame, but both.

I found that if i let all the air out of the tyre and played aroung with it, pushing the bead of the off-centred part further into the rim, this would fix the problem, but never for long. It would always stuff up the next time i went for a MUni.

Has anyone else had this problem?

And has anyone had success in finding a slightly more perminant solution?

Thanks for your input


It could be defective. Theres also a chance that the more you ride it, the more chance it has for an even bead to form. However, if you take that route, the longer you ride with the tire, the less likely the LBS is to take it back.

Id really take it back to the shop and demand a new one. Those tires arent cheap. Also, why would you make things up if the tire was actually true? Youd rather be riding the thing than complaining to the shop if everything were really working alright.

I rode with a slightly defective-beaded gazz on my muni for a couple years. It was my first gazz so i thought all were that way. It wasnt that bad, but dont make the same mistake.

Gazz’s are such great tires. Theyre certainly worth putting up a little fight for. :wink:

The bead probably isn’t seated properly. That can be a problem with the rim tape, so it might be worth taking everything off the rim, making sure the rim tape is intact, in the right place, properly stuck down etc. Mainly, make sure it doesn’t fowl the bead seat on the rim. When you put everything back together make sure the tube isn’t twisted, and make sure that both tyre beads are free of the inner tube. so that the tyre seats properly.

One thing that can help is to inflate the tyre beyond the pressure you’ll use it at and ride around a little bit with it like that, so that the extra pressure helps the bead to get properly seated.

Failing that, you’ll have to wait until the problem manifests itself again so that you can take it to a bike shop and point out an obvious problem.


pump you tire up to a hihger pressure than you’re running. get close to the max psi listed on the tire. that’ll help it seat properly. make sure the tube is large enough to help prevent this.

you could be having a problem with frame flex also. I have a big problem with that with my onza frame.

I bought it second hand of an online auction sete so unfortunately i dont think anyone will be taking it back.

Thanks for the fast replies. im gonna try your ideas over the weekend.

I’ll post my results once i’ve done a bit of experimenting.