Problem with my moment cranks

sorry if there is already a thread on this I searched and could not find anything. I bought a set of 125mm moments from udc back in january and started to notice a creak as I was riding. I thought that it was just the pedal but today as I switched pedals I realized that the insert on my left crank wobbles and creaks. It sounds rather bad and I was wondering if it could be warranted or anything. I think it is out of time for udc warranty but I don’t think that these cranks should be doing this with the riding that I do as I do use them but do not abuse them. There is a trials comp. on the 21st that I plan on attending and would love to have the problem fixed before. Any helpful suggestions?


I did contact udc but am still waiting on a response.

this problem has been mentioned many times, a quick search came up with this thread: Moment Crank Insert Issue
at the top of the list.

When I had the same issue I spoke to Kris directly and this is what he said:

Basically what i was about to say! :roll_eyes:

thanks I will give it a try when I am fully functioning again. I am still wondering how I am going to get out of my chair at the moment.