problem with kris holm rollos

I have a koxx one light axle. They have bolts which have very large diameter, which do not fit through the rollo hole and they look much to short compared to the bolts that came with the rollos. What do I do and can they fit or do I have to buy a Kris Holm axle? :thinking:

As far as I know, that is the only isis hub that will not work. Most of the isis hubs on the market are merely rebranded versions of the same hub. As far as I know, all of the other hubs use the correct m12x1.00 bolts. The standard k1 hub, nimbus isis, and older blue kh hubs were basically identical (apart from logos and ‘KH’ cutouts on the kh). Not sure about the ones quax makes… but I would assume that if they are truly isis and work w/ the kh cranks they should work

Okay thank you! But I have one more question. The kris holm and nimbus hubs are wider in lenth, if I chose to put a kris holm hub on my k1 wheel set which has a small axle wil the spoke length be different? Would I have to buy a new pair of spokes? Thanks so much Aidan Teleki

The flanges on both hubs are the standard 100mm spacing (although some of my previous information is incorrect, they do have some differences in design).
Width for all intents and purposes should be the same, however you want to make sure that the flanges are the same diameter.

Why not just drill out the rollos and get longer bolts if they turn out to be too short?

Getting a new hub (and completely re-building a wheel) seems really excessive for getting a small cheap piece of equipment to work.

I have the same problem. I just got a new ADDICT unicycle and the axle bolts won’t fit through the rollo disk. I’m probably just going to drill them a tiny bit bigger.

I don’t know if you’ll be able to find bolts that will be long enough… i’d suggest you find that out before you modify the rollos and risk damage to your hub

Yeah, probably even drilling the Rollos, your bolts will not be long enough, and I’m really sorry to say that, but it’s quite hard to find longer ISIS bolts :frowning:

I had the prototypes and they were different, had a smaller wall, so it was possible to use the old ones. Once the official Rollos were released we had a problem: The bolts were not long enough! Many riders had to wait some weeks to get the longer bolts manufactured for UDC and KH in Taiwan.

That’s why Rollos comes with bolts: The design needs it!

The newer Kris Holm and Nimbus hubs and unicycles comes with the longer bolts I think.

You can try to drill your rollos and find a longer bolt (try on ebay ;)), or switch to a KH or Nimbus hub.

Remember that once you drill it, you changes the rollo disk structure and will probably loose your warranty. :o

Anyway, thanks for this report. I’m going to show that to Kris and some friends in other brands to see if isn’t possible to have longer bolts in they next batches! :wink:

As has been discussed before the ISIS spec. is for either M12 or M15 both with a pitch of 1.0. So the Koxx light hub is not incorrectly spec’d. I think you are right that it’s the only uni hub with the M15 bolts, but that is a very common ISIS, and Octalink, bolt for bikes. It seems like Koxx made the decision based on dropping the weight of the hub.

Unfortunately, I think it will be unlikely to find a bolt longer that 14mm for this size. M15 bolts from the hardware store will probably not work due to the wrong pitch of 1.5. If you have an industrial supply nearby they may have it in stock or be able to order it for you.

If you end up going with a new hub I might be interested in relieving you of the extra hub, and offsetting the cost of the replacement. For my Muni I don’t think I need anything more than the Koxx light.

I have the koxx light axle… and my rollo’s fit perfectly on the axle :stuck_out_tongue:

Well rollos with moments are concedered to be good street cranks right? so even if there cheap i still don’t want to talk the chance of cracking my rollos and you cant find longer bolts of that size. But if you do tell me!!! That would be awesome!

On that note HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR NEW ADDICT UNI??? HOW MUCH DID IT COST!!! i need to know!! did you order it from renegade? Sorry for all the questions. I was wanting to buy the gravity fork and the seat do you have an idea of how much that would cost? THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH IF YOU CAN TELL ME!!!

Okay which kind of hub? Thanks so much Aidan

how dont you have the M15 bolts which DO NOT fit through the rollos?

I’m sorry but I am very inexperienced what the hell are flanges?


You have many questions!

First, please, try to keep everything in one post! Helps to keep everything organized and it’s way easier to answer. You also have an EDIT function that can be used to change something in your post some minutes after it was posted!

Your questions:

  • Yeah Moments are supposed to be good street cranks. Moments with rollos too, but if you grinds a lot or do any kind of drops or gaps to grind, I would recommend to take the rollos off the cranks while riding street, and having it for flat. It also will avoid you hitting your ankles on landing. Anyway, for light street riding there’s no problem to have it I think…

  • Flanges are the part where the hub holes are places… Where the spokes go through.

  • For personal questions like the Addict price (Off-Topic) please us PMs!

Well, I talked to Yoggi and he explained to me: Koxx One uses M12 for the reinforced hub and M15 for the light hub. On Addict he decided to use M13 bolts… Design/Performance issues…

So yeah, the best thing is try to find longer bolts and dril your rollo…

The best place to try to find those bolts would be on Ebay!

Pedro Tejada :smiley:

problem with kris holm rollos

Well isn’t drilling your rollos kinda dangerous? Also thank you very, I will have to figure out all the things on this website. Thanks for all the tips I will see what I can do but I do not have an Ebay accont. :angry: :angry: :angry:

I looked on Ebay, and it seems like nobody is selling M15 bolts longer than 13-14mm for bikes (and uni’s by extension).

I really think that an industrial supply like Fastenal would be the best bet for longer M15x1.0 bolts. I would measure the ones that came with your rolos to find out how long you need them, I would guess somewhere in the 20mm range. You might call them or stop by a shop if you have one in your area.

Good luck