Problem with KH seats?

Recently me and my friend Nick were redoing his KH airseat to make the seat more comfortable for grabbing in seat out hops. When we took off the cover we noticed that the metal plate across the seat split in half where the holes were for the post.

I didn’t think much of it until I was helping Joe put Nicks old KH cover on Joes seat. When we took the old one off we again noticed the plate split in the same spot. Nicks seat flexes a lot but Joes isn’t too bad.

Has anyone else had any problems with this? Nicks seat was a gen-3 and Joes a gen-2. We didn’t take pics.

This thread is worthless without pics.:slight_smile:

I can’t imagine that KH seats aren’t indestructable. When I was your age I couldn’t break anything. No matter how hard I used stuff it was like nothing broke. Well except for my skateboards, bike frames, rims on bikes, handlebars, motorcycle frames, tires, well pretty much everything I got my hands on broke when I was your age. :smiley: When you are as hard on stuff as you guys doing extreme stuff are, it’s going to break at some point.

No it isn’t.

Every KH seat I have taken apart has had the metal piece split in the same spot.

It’s poorly made, and a split piece of metal is as good as no metal at all.

Each newer version of the KH seat seems to get better designed, taking the previous versions downsides into consideration. This is VERY cool, and something to be expected really, as they are still relatively new, and will need to be improved upon with each model.

Kris Holm Unicycles is very good in the ‘fixing the last models issues’, but as it stands now, they are still pretty poorly constructed.

There is a new version coming out in the summer or so, and I’m sure these issues will be addressed.

I think the bigger issue, over those stiffening plates that don’t stiffen (because they break) would be a way of securing the bolts from spinning. I think the homemade fix for these (a bent piece of threaded rod to act as 2 bolts (no spinning issues) should be incorporated into the newer versions, because as long as these are carriage bolts, they are going to suffer the same issues. But, like I said about KHU addressing these issues, the next version will have a removeable cover…perhaps you can grab onto the bolts with a vise grip…like I have done already.

These seats are extremely comfy, and each model that is released keeps getting better and better.

I think in 2 years these seats will be perfect.

Whats that, a triple negative? :slight_smile: Had to read that about 4 times till finally my brain turned on and understood, hehe.

When doing muni or trials, what is the first thing to usually brake? Tacoed wheel? bend cranks? ripped seat?


If it’s a Velo seat? The ripped seat. (where the thighs rub it)

I’ve taken apart 3 KH seat, two from my muni and one from my trials and they all had the snap along the same part described above. The bolts were a nightmare to remove. I think it was landing on them funny that did it. Got a CF KH base for my trials now which feels really solid!

you gotta take some pics of your kh air saddle, im sure we are all very curious :thinking:

I thought only double negatives were a problem.:smiley:

Rule # 1 - If you critique another’s post, make sure yours is correct. It’s not brake, it’s break. :wink:



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sorry dude, it’s touché :wink:

I couldn’t agree more!

The KH seat IMHO is the best seat out there. I have not used my Carbon Fibre/Wilder/Roach Airseat since using the KH Seat.

The KH seat is also a total dog. It must be in it’s fourth generation and those spinning bolts still, as far as I can tell- spin. (I think I’ve got a 2nd and 3rd gen seat).

Not only do they spin, they are also just about impossible to get to if your seat is as low as it can go. And when you take the seat off so that you can get the spanner under the seat to tighten the spinning bolt, it starts rounding off the bolt because the bolt is…a lousy nut.

They should have been replaced with Allen Key bolts a longtime ago. That means screwing it in from the other direction, and having somewort of anchor to keep it from spinning; but it will save a lot of grief for KH Seat owners.

Just my $0.02 worth.