problem with KH crank

my friend screwed up his KH cranks…the piece the pedal goes in is loose or sumthn…we tried to take a pedal off and the thing started to spin…the part witht the red arrows is what im talking about…is there a warranty on the KH cranks too?

I think that part threads in. If so, try to tighten the pedal a lot first to tighten up the insert then try to take the pedal out.

do these cranks have a warranty because if they do i dont want to screw it up…
me and brent were gonna change his pedals and next thing we know the thing starts spinning…

I don’t know if they have a warranty per se but I’m sure they’ll replace them if they’ve failed due to a defect in them, like they did for the rims.

Yeah, Id get ahold of where you bought them and see if you can get new cranks.

Otherwise put some epoxy on there to keep them tightend. JB weld is good. If you can take out the thread insert completely, smuther it in JB weld and re insert it in to the crank. Otherwise smear it around the crank/thread part as much as you can on both sides. It should hold up pretty good. But as I said above…try to get them replaced first.

I don’t have a pair of kh cranks nor have ever seen some in person, But if you are right then I bet those two holes/indents on either side of the insert are meant for a tool for tightening. go to a bike shop and i bet they will have the tool.

my dad emailed kris holm and he said that the insert should tighten as you tighten the pedal and it could come a little loose as you loosen the pedal. he also said that as tight you get the pedal is as tight as you get the insert.

It’s no big deal.
I have the same “problem”, the cranks will still be asskicking strong.

Peter M

If its what I think, then its probably the same problem that the Koxx-one cranks have. Once the crank is loose, the cromo of the insert will slowly pound away at the aluminum and it will make the hole larger. It sounds like the KH cranks may have a way to somewhat fix it before it gets bad.

Maybe its different somehow though, either way it is something you should take care of quickly.

Just the info i needed. My LBS switched the cranks around after a 36’er wheelbuild. This made one of the pedals come loose and fall off. (I found out that I need both pedals when going down hill on a 36. :astonished: )

Your LBS should get a proper scolding for being so foolish.

They have allways done excellent work, and there’s no one else close so I’ll give them a second chance. I’ll probably mention it next time though. I went down pretty hard in front of a bunch of hikers, so my pride took a bit of a beating too. :o

I’ve had that from an LBS as well.

I can only guess that its because they see two seemingly identical cranks and don’t realise that the threads are directional. On a bike its pretty obvious which crank goes where…

Hoping that your cranks survived undamaged.

Yowch. The thought of losing a pedal at full gait on my 36er gives me the willies. I’ve had to run it out on a downhill and just barely hung on. I got lucky, but it could have easily gone bad. Definitely mention it - they may not realize it was a mistake that applies to unicycles!