problem with bottle mounts on T7 touring handle

hey guys new to this forum but been unicycling for a while.
so ive had a T7 handle fitted to my 29er for a few weeks now ( The Scotland Machine ) and i noticed on my last ride that there was a chinking coming from the front of the handle i thought the bolts on the bottle rack had come lose but the acctual braze on for the bolts is loose in the handle its not twisting it was fine but the sound was doing my head in and im sure the wobble on the bottle was visable. So what ive done is give the area around the braze ons a sand and bunged some araldite around them ( intrestingly only the front ones were moving ) and as soon as that dries i’ll see if its sorted it or if i need to throw a weld on there ( hopfully not i dont want to have to powerd coat it :frowning:

so i was wondering if anyone had any problems to report with the T7 or anything i should look out for

thanks guys

I had the same problem with my T7 handle. I put a spacer between the water bottle bracket and the bolt threads. That allowed the bolts to tighten fully.

thanks munimag but the bolts are tight its the acctuall braze on that is moving thanks anyway

Does your T7 have really sharp angles on the back of the part you hold on to? Or are they rounded off? If they are sharp you have an old model that a lot of people had the braze ons pop off.

I had the exact same thing happen to mine. UDC sent me a new handle when I sent them pictures of the problem.

The T7 is really an inferior handle compared to what else is out there right now. All the other handles are considerably stronger and don’t rely on thin rails to hold the saddle/handle combination.

Let UDC know about your problem. They may or may not replace it but if they don’t you can just hold the front of your bottle holder with a hose clamp.

When/if your T7 breaks cut off the front and back. They are the perfect size to fit in a KH or Nimbus Shadow handle.

My bolts would tighten also but the braze ons would still be loose. The spacer will take up the space between the water bottle braket and the bar and allow it to tighten.

this damm 2 pack aralidite takes 6 hours to dry :frowning:
yea the handles have a angled cut where they join the T i only got it a few weeks ago and if i had of realised it was the old version i wouldnt of boverd and gone for somthing else so not very happy with that but come monday i’ll ring rodger and tell him whats up and what ive done and see what he can do for me
just out of curosity how rounded is the new style ?
i’ll be posting pictures soon of the scotland machine

they may be riv-nuts, if a riveter was used to install the w/b mounts, then maybe a LBS could put the rivet tool on it and give it another squeeze. I’d spot weld it and be done with it. good luck.

My 1st-gen T7 handle had the braze-ons fail but I sent it back to Roger and he replaced them with rivnuts - they’ve worked fine. The later version of the T7 just has the corners cut off AFAIK, it’s not actually rounded. Those corners are quite painful if they hit you but fortunately that doesn’t happen ever so often.

Generally I’ve been happy with my T7, even though some of the newer handles perhaps look better in various ways.

so on the new version the corners are just cut off not acctully rounded ?
in that case i stand corrected i have a V2

good news just thrown mt bottle rack back on and went for a little test drive with a extra large bottle of water in the rack no more wobble i threw a few hops and spins in there and a few curbs just to make sure and it sholding up great :slight_smile: will report back after my ride tomorrow to see if it lasts

saskatchewanian thats really intresting it take it it does not need shimming or anything like that just the T7 cutting and slotting fit a clamp and bung it in ?

Sorry I was not clear about how to tell if it is v1 or v2. sounds like you have v2.

The tubing is 22.2mm (7/8") the same as the other handles and the standard for bike handles. It is really nice since you can also bolt on anything that will fit on bike handlebars.

Zip-ties did the trick for me. For a while. Now the KH T-Bar does the trick for me.

My T7 actually held up really well considering the abuse I put it through. I gave it away with the unicycle after I snapped the axle. From its reputation I guess I got lucky, but there are some good ones! I find the T-bar to be better, but compared to no handlebar, the T7 is pretty ok.