Problem: Tire rubs/stops before a full rotation


I’m sure this is a very basic issue that I’ve never encountered in my 40+ years of unicycling. (I tend to rely on my LBS, as I’m not mechanically minded).

My 36 was fine yesterday when I put it away.

This morning when I tried to ride it, I felt huge resistance at 3/4 rotation and fell forward. At first I thought the seat post was dropping into the tire as my weight came down, so I raised it a bit, but it happened again. The tire rotates freely without my weight on it.

The wheel is somewhat wobbly within the fork, and obviously angles into the fork when ridden with weight.

Is this the hub? Does something need to be tightened? How did I get home yesterday if this was a problem? Did it happen at high speed, and the speed compensated for it?


Sounds like the bearings have gone?

If the wheel is wobbly,then maybe the bearing clamps are loose. Try tightening both clamps.If they keep loosening ,then you might want to put some (loctite 638) on the clamp bolt threads.Just one blob on each bolt thread, leave overnight to cure and screw on the bolts the following day.

Hope this herlps.

P.s. Make sure threads are clean and dry before applying the glue

Probably, your bearing holders are loose. Less likely but possible, your spokes are super-loose or something is busted in the wheel build (spoke, hub, rim).

P.s. Make sure threads are clean and dry before applying the glue

Be sure not to overtighten the bolts or you may damage the bearings.

One of the nuts was missing, big problem, it must have just dropped off.

I’m replacing all 4 bolts.

Thanks for the help!

Loctite (blue) on the new bolts!

Oddly enough, the bolts are VERY rusty, as was my seat post quick release. So I replaced the quick release, but the bike shop has to order locking bolts (though the hardware store would have something that would suffice). Then the locktite.

Because rusty bolts and locktite don’t mix well.

Thanks again!

Was it pulling to the left? If so, it might just need a course in political science.


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I’ve got bolts for u if u want to make the short trip