Problem: Cranks turn: Wheel, not so much on Sun 24"

Hi all.

Apologies if a better search than mine would have answered this, but here goes:

I just went to check out my brother in-law’s brand new 24" Sun bought in August from UDC. He needed the tire pumped up, which I did for him, but when I hopped on to mount and test, I only went a little way before hitting a bumpy patch. When I tried to pedal out of it, the pedals went around a bit, the tire stayed put.

It basically feels as if the cranks and axle are going around and the wheel and hub are not. It is not totally loose but any decent amount of force causes the pedals and axle to go around without the wheel turning. Is the hub a total loss or can something be adjusted?

I’m fairly sure he has barely ridden the uni since he got it, and he certainly hasn’t done anything overly agressive to it, as he is a novice (rides a few feet at a time).



thats really werid, sounds like the key hole thing that holes teh axle inplace has striped, but i would think after it striped it would jus tbe freewheel.

I agree. It has a really “smooth” feeling of resistance. I can have a buddy hold the wheel still and I can move the cranks. I also would think if it was stripped it would either freewheel totally or feel “rough” or something when I turn the cranks. I’m probably going to try and take it all apart tomorrow or the next day and see what’s going on inside.

Sounds like the body has been pressed on to the axle, and has come loose. I’m not familiar with the Sun design, but that sounds like the only likely solution, if it is true then there’s probably not alot you can do unless you have decent practical skills i.e. welding it back together. It might well be worth talking to UDC, hubs should not break that easily, especially after such a short period of ownership and very little riding.

Thanks, I was wondering if anybody had any ideas about how the hubs on these guys were constructed. I’ll have to get it apart and see if any kind of welding would be practical and talk to UDC about it. Anybody have a diagram for how these hubs might go together?

Just an update and more kudos for UDC as the best customer service out there-

They emailed me back first thing this morning and are sending out a shipping label so I can send the wheel back to them. Prompt response, nicely written email, everything. Thank goodness I bought this uni from them and not the other company I have experience with.

It’s so nice to be treated well as a customer.