pro unicycle clinic

ok, so i have heard people shouting out “oi! i really suck at this unicycle thing, can someone point me in the right direction?” so i decided i would take on the task of traveling arround and doing uni-clinics. because i’m a pro. I will be teaching the flatland/street part, and my good friend kris will give out trials and muni help for the week he will be arround. any cities in north america want lessons? not sure on prices yet, but considering they are lessons from a pro, anything will be a good deal.

i will probably spend about a third of my time in canada because you guys up there don’t have any good riders and could benefit a lot from a pro like me.
four sixths of my time will be in the good ol us of a, and the rest will be negotiable.

are you being serious? are you talking about “kris” as in Kris Holm?

or you could get a life.

That’s what I’m thinking to.

Peter M

:thinking: What is the point of this thread again??? :thinking:

Just someone who’s bored making a nick that’s similar to that of Kris (danger_uni) and then posting shit, in this case acting like a snob, just to see peoples reaction.

Ohhhh…that’s pointless.

kinda like your ‘what people think of me’ thingy :wink:


man coulld you help me out? if you come all the way out to vancouver ill pay you with a kick in the testicals. and thats no lie…

Hahaha, great one.
He realy desirves it though.

Peter M

yep. so dont post anymore on this thread!

Exactly. :smiley:

Nice thread man, I found it funny.

Haha, funniest post in thread. +1 rep.

I’m anti-unicycle clinic myself…

If it was actually KH teaching it I’d be the first one in line!:smiley: