Pro quality Giraffes

I have noticed that the only giraffes I can find are by generic companies like nimbus, and torker. Some of my cycles are from Tom Miller(my first choice in giraffes). Are there any other quality builders now? DM shut down, and Miyata is gone as well. Any other custom builders of giraffes? I went to semcycle, and it looked like his giraffes were gone too(at least they were not listed on the site).

Any help would be appreciated.


The Nimbus performer giraffe is supposed to be quite nice - seems very solid, two chains like the DM (and the seat must be a whole lot more comfortable!). Comes in a whole range of sizes. Has various neat touches too, like bolt on bottom sprockets, so no worries of them coming loose, and a middle bit that can’t twist. Why would you want something custom (unless you’re looking for something bigger than 8 foot)?

What do you mean by ‘generic companies’ anyway, I mean Miyata = massive bike corporation that happens to make unicycles, Nimbus = tiny company that only makes unicycles.

If you do want something odd custom made, you could try asking Roger at, he’d quite likely know if there’s anyone who can build em custom for you.


Search for Schwinn Giraffes on eBay. You may need to do some restoring or replace a wheel (old tires are nonstandard) but they’re very solid.