pro plates vs. reg. plates(BC)

OK so I know that the Bedford pro plates are bigger than the regulars but do they just make it easier to hop and stuff? How else are they different from the regulars? Do they hang lower?
-forrest rackard

Bedford pro plates ar longer and I think they hang a bit lower. I find hopping on longer plates easier. Spencer will chime in. Even will just tell you not to get bedfords :roll_eyes:

but now that you said that theyโ€™re going to read this and not do it for fear of being too predictable.

PRO plates are long, reg are short. I find anything on long plates hard. Not to mention the TON of extra weight. But Im drillin spencers new plates to make em as light as shorts. All the current bedford plates have been lowered 1/2" or so to fit peoples feet better. Good move on darrens part.

Have the short ones been lowered too?