Princetown feedback

I was down in Devon this weekend with the Morris dancers. The event was organised by an honorary member of our team, who runs a small hotel in North Tawton. I had no idea of the itinerary until I got there, and was surprised to find we were booked to dance in Princetown, outside the visitors’ centre, on the Saturday afternoon. Vodaphone reception is poor to non existent in many areas around Dartmoor, so I didn’t get chance to ring Rob, who lives almost within sight of the place where we were dancing.

Anyway, we did a short set of about half a dozen dances, and I made a brief appearance on the 20 inch uni. I don’t do a unicycle act, as such, but I use the uni in my performances.

After the show, a young girl (about 12?) came up to chat to me. A very pleasant young girl, but with bags under her eyes, and the broken compexion and the slightly spaced out speech that suggested to me she was an amateur biochemist. She told me she’d seen a few unicycles a couple of weeks back, and was obviously referring to the group who answered Rob’s invitation to perform in the carnival procession.

Mikefule: How many turned up?
Girl: Oh, about ten.
Mikefule: Great. Were they any good?
Girl: Yes, quite. Better than you anyway.
Mikefule: :o

She went on to describe some of the manoeuvres the riders had done, and was clearly quite impressed, so well done everyone who took part.

Thanks for that Mike. If I’d known I would have gone down to watch you - I spent the whole day inside feeling ill (some sort of strange short-lived thing… I’m fine now :slight_smile: No alcohol involved honest) but I could have made it that far.

Good to hear that people appreciated our efforts at the carnival. We were a bit random - in hindsight we could have done with a bit more planning, and they didn’t announce us over the PA until well into our slot - but it went quite well.

There are some links to pictures (Amanda’s and my wife Helen’s) on the “Unicyclists wanted for Princetown Carnival” thread if you missed them.