Princetown Carnival (Devon, UK) - Anybody up for it?

A few of us did a short demo and rode in the procession at Princetown carnival last year and the organisers have asked me to try to find some people for this year. Sarah has emailed most of the SWUM people, so this is really for anybody else. It’s a bit short notice, but we don’t need to do as much as last year because Ali Oops has been booked to do a juggling and stilt walking show/workshop and we would be on afterwards for a few minutes, and then obviously ride in the parade. If a couple of good trials riders are up for it that would be ideal - something to contrast with the circusy stuff.
We’d be on at about 2:30pm, and the parade is usually about 5pm.
If you want to make a day of it, there’s some good xc/muni riding round here so we could do that in the morning.
Oh, nearly forgot, it’s Saturday 2nd September.
PM me if you’re up for it.


Triple booked, I’m afraid, otherwise I would come down there and share carnival knowledge with you.

There’s something about that weekend; every event ever is happening then. This brings the total of events I would like to go but can’t up to six… :frowning:

Have a great day, anyway.


Amanda: Thanks - would be cool if you could make it.

Gavin: Lighten up mate :astonished: I’m not much of a performer either but it’s a good laugh riding in the parade - and as for being no challenge, it’s like riding a mile-long slow race, lots of idling and tight manoeuvring practice.


I know what you mean. I’m going to attempt to do three things that weekend… carnival on Saturday, xc race in Exeter on Sunday morning and a Triumph club meeting in the afternoon. I would have liked to go to Zippy’s event, but too many other things to do. Better than being bored I suppose :slight_smile:


yeh sorry we are at the raged hedge fair god knows where that is but im uniin there so its asll gravy

Bump. Last reminder in case anybody’s interested :slight_smile: