Primo the wall tires VS hookworms

I know John Foss said every tire mark, and the huge disscusion on the hookworm but theres not much on the primo…

I was wondering how are the blue/ red primo’s compared to the orange/ black hook worm? how are they all compared to the white?


Well I havent seen much of the blue/red primos, but I find that primos last slightly longer. on the hook once the little nubs wear down (it will happen quick) there isnt all that much grip for feet, making gliding/koosh/standup/1fww/anything foot on tire related slightly harder. it happens on the primo too, but after the nubs are gone the overall tread of the tire works well still.

I’m hoping this is the case; the Hook’ seems prohibitively grippy for easy spinning. Perhaps this is only my technique- you think?


I’ve got a blue primo on my Yuni freestyle, but I haven’t gotten a chance to ride it on any gym floors or anything. I’ve only ridden it in my Grandma’s basement on the cement and can’t really tell if it marks or not.


Re: Primo the wall tires VS hookworms

What’s amazing about the hookworm is it is grippy for turns but not for
spins. At least on the surfaces that I have tried it on – a coated wood
floor and a vinyl tile floor.

Mark Newbold
Montpelier, Vermont USA

Re: Primo the wall tires VS hookworms

I was very disappointed with the Primo – it really tends to slide out from
under me in a sharp turn on a smooth floor.

Slide-out tendency of the 3 I have tried indoors:
Primo = worst
Miyata = OK
Hookworm = best

Mark Newbold
Montpelier, Vermont USA