Primo Seat post clamp

I recently purchased the Primo clamp for my uni. I had a stock United quick relese that was too wide causing massive brusies with seat in front tricks.

  • The clamp is alot less of a sideways profile so it dosent hit my legs
  • Looks cool
  • Strong and not alot of room for failure
  • $12
  • I have to carry arround an allen key when I go ride
  • dosent grip the seat enough so on falls the seat moves a bit and needs to be hit back into place (minor)

Over all I like it and I would give the clamp a 7/10

Which Primo clamp? They make more than one style of clamp.

They make a Slim Clamp
And a Viking Clamp

I use the Viking clamp on my Coker. Mainly because it has a big #1 on it which fits with the Coker being the Big One. It’s a double bolt clamp and holds the seatpost well. No twists. But it’s a bulky clamp and wouldn’t be the best choice for a freestyle unicycle. I’m using the 7/8" size clamp.

sorry about that its the primo Viking, and I also needed the 7/8"

It is a bit massive and probably overkill. It was also the only style of 7/8 clamp that the had at my LBS. It’s also Blue, that doesnt make it better but it sure doesnt make it worse either.

the Viking clamp works really well.i like how sits on the top of the seat tube so one bolt is tightning the collar and the other is fixing the post in place.

if you dont have one,what i just said may not make sense.too will also add a half inch to your seat tube hight,effectivly speaking.

If you’re getting slippage and setpost twisting after a crash, check that the upper half of the clamp is making good contact with the seatpost. If you’re getting good contact on the lower half of the clamp on the frame and good contact on the upper half of the clamp on the seatpost then you shouldn’t get any twisting after a crash. If you don’t have good contact on the upper half of the clamp, try a Coke can shim between the clamp and the seatpost. You might have to sand down the Coke can to get it thin enough. A Coke can just might solve your twising problem.

The Viking isn’t a perfect fit on my Coker. I’m not getting good contact on the upper half of the clamp on the seatpost. I don’t have a problem with the seatpost twisting so the clamp is working well enough for me and I haven’t bothered to fiddle with a Coke can shim.

The interesting thing with the Viking compared to some other double bolt clamps, is that the Viking is designed so that the lower half clamps on the frame and the upper half clamps on the seatpost.

My Viking Clamp SUCKS!!!

I’ve got the Primo slim clamp on my Sem XL frame and its tough as nails. I’ve never had to worry about the seatpost slipping. I think the Viking clamp is a bit overkill for any uni application.


I hate my quick release clamp! I hate having to struggle with it and have meaning to get a clamp like that but I am wondering if you can tighten the clamp enough to where it wont lossen during falls and you only have to tighten it before a ride.


P.S. Would a United clamp fit on my Yuni frame because I have one spare thats the allen bot type.

I tightend up my clamp a bit more and there is no more slippage at all. Even on really bad falls.

Mr. Nutz