primo pedals

so i got these pedals like a month ago. Here is my reveiw.

Great pedals worth the price and the 25$ for shipping :roll_eyes: . Would defintely recomend them.

Great for ridding in the rain. did that once and i didnt even slip once, Would recomend you buy shin guards or something cus it hurts when it hits your shins. They will probally eat up the bottom of your shoes like they did to me, but that wasnt a big deal or anything to me.

The only bad thing about them was that they seemed really heavy compared to other pedals. And i cul never seem to grind on them, but im not any good at grinding anyway so that may just be me, if any one else has these and has grinded on them please post wat you thought

Id give it 9/10

Which primo pedals?

And thew tenderizers suck really bad IMO.
They are chunky, heavy, cheap, and DONT grind.

Over all I am never buying Primo pedals again because of the tenderizers.

the tenderizors are the ones i got

I grinded on some primo tenderizers on a table going down a 4 set just fine.
movie: (at 1:34)

i rode those for a few years, great street pedals, they can take a lot of abuse, but they’re insanely heavy. As for grinding i loved them. but for tech they suuuuuck, its a nice “big street” pedal

Yeah I used to have them, but I switched to JCs. They are just too heavy and bulky.

That doesn’t make sense, the other week you said they were the best pedal. I told you they were really heavy, and you said they weren’t any different than Snafus, and you were just saying how much you loved them. lol.

I use them for Muni. They are pretty nice, nothing great but I like them.

Don’t think I would use them much for street or trials, mostly because they’re a little heavy and chunky. But they would probably be good for ‘big street’.

They’re strong too, I’ve had mine on my muni for over 2 years and they still seem almost brand new (minus the mud and dirt I get from riding)

i was vry close to buying these.

Are they really that heavy?
I have the standrd pedals on my nimbus isis trials now and would the tenderizers be a step up?

I wanna get into street with some trials.

If not, what pedals would u suggest?

Animal Pedals are very nice. very grippy and strong.
I like my Jc pedals, but they are not as grippy as the animals though.
Do the pedals you have have removable pins because my freind just got a nimbus muni and I really liked the pedals that came stock on it.

im pretty sure mine are removable pins.
they are thse ones

are jc’s good
and yes the stock nimbus pedals have removeable pins