Primo Comet on a BC Wheel.

So I bought a Primo Comet yesterday to replace a balding Primo Wall on my BMX.

But I think I might just stick it on the BC Wheel to see how it rides…

I know it’s not a huge tire… and the shop only had the 20x1.95 version… but how do you think it will be? Any experience with it?

Good tire. At 110 psi it can slip easier than other tires, so i would advise agaisnt 180s or 360s untill you know you can stick them. Its quite a fast tire too.

Yeah, it rides really nice… but I rarely ride my BC Wheel, it’s kinda boring…

wow the wheel looks so small now, oh will ur mom sponsore me too lol :D:D

You could just not run it at 110 psi.

Speaking of tires, I just made the Maxxis CC on my trials BC smooth. It’s awesome.

Evan seems to think you run tires at the rated PSI…