OK i was wonderin if you guys know how much money the KH 20" trials and the nimbus 20" trials pro are? Every site i go on the prices are in some kind of chin chong wierd language. So if you can report back saying the prices or price in ENGLISH (real money)


Good fellow, i think you need this page:

that should give a list of 20" trials unis that are price in British Pounds.

we have the best currency.

(look at my sig, you can tell i live our currency)

(however, the Chinese Yen does have allot to stand)


what kind of money, pounds or dollars?

i belive that there is a nimbus 20" trials for 180$ from what i hear its a good dependable uni.
i recomend this

the kh20 trials is $467 us dollars on usa and it’s $560 canadian dollars on bedford plus you obviously havta pay shipping on both. get the kh one though, it’s good

don’t forget when you need a quick price check for anything…it’s very useful.

I’m surprised nobody jumped on this already. Last time I looked, China was still using renminbi (yuan/jiao/fen), and yen was still Japanese currency.

Yes, when asking about prices, it always helps to mention what country you live in.