Price on a used sun 24.

After a long break I’m back on the hunt for my first unicycle. I’ve been watching craigslist for a used 24" torker but haven’t seen one. There is a 24" sun about 40 min from me that looks like its in like new condition. Seller says he bought it in July for $127 and is now asking $100. I’m assuming he discovered he didn’t like riding. I’ve been ignoring Sun’s based on comments I’ve seen on the forums but now I’m reconsidering them due to availability. Does this seem like a fair price or should I keep looking for a torker?

He wants to much for it. They can be bought new for a little less than that here.

If you’re willing to pay that much, I’d go 35 more and get a torker, also purchasable at the previous link.

Yeah, that’s way too much. I’ve been enjoying my 24" Sun fixer-upper but I only paid $20 for it. They’re fine for beginners, put together pretty much the same as any other entry level uni.

But I’ve done most of my learning on a 20" Avenir DLX, which has held up like a champ so far. The 24" version is $80 including shipping from Amazon. You could do worse. :slight_smile:

Make sure it is the Torker LX if you get one. The CX’s are for kids.


The better the uni you get, the longer you can keep learning new stuff on it.
The CX would probably get you through the earliest stages of learning, especially if you are not too tall and not too heavy, an LX will take you a little further, though if you get interested in hopping, you’ll still have to get a new one at that point. I know some excellent unicyclists who never hop, though. Anyway, the seat on the CX isn’t great, but I’ve definitely ridden much worse, and even when I rode a CX for half a mile or so, I didn’t get sore balls or chafing or anything like that. I did snap a pedal off that CX once, though, and that was just while learning to ride, but it was a semi-public uni that took a lot of punishment from all sorts of people…

Wrong, I’ve done three foot drops on an lx and it hasn’t broke yet. Of course I only weigh ~120 lbs but that’s still a lot of force.

I’m 6’2" and weigh 185. Inseam on pants is 34 which is probably 36 if I had shoes on and I measured to the ground. Does that change the suggestions at all?

That doesn’t change what I think.

Oh, yes! The fact that you sound fairly tall and kind of spindly, totally justifies spending way too much money on a low quality unicycle.

For that money, get a UDC club. Great learner uni, won’t break the bank, and UDC is good people.

I was more so referring to the CX vs. LX statement made by song regarding height and weight since I’m neither short nor light. I’ll give the UDC club a look and probably still keep my eyes peeled for something used.


As far as cx vs lx goes, the lx is tougher, has a nicer crown and has a much wider tire. It also can hold up to hops, at least in my experience. The cx has a skinny tire that is really only suited for riding on smooth concrete. The cx has the most uncomfortable saddle ever, as it appears to have been designed to fit a ten year old girl. It does come with pedals that I like a little better than the lx but that’s a personal preference. I would hop up and roll down curbs on my cx but anything more than that I was afraid would damage the hub or rim.

There isn’t a huge price difference, so I would go the lx every time unless you absolutely cannot afford to go a little bit higher.

That’s my 10 cents, you can take it or leave it.

That’s good to know, as I’ll soon be in the market for a uni that can handle drops like that, though with an extra 70 lbs. I had assumed that the DX, which costs a lot more, was the only Torker you could really use for high-impact stuff. What you say about the CX is pretty much in keeping with my experiences, though I’ve ridden two unis with seats that were way more uncomfortable than the CX.

Abe, be careful to get a uni with a long enough seat post, especially if shopping online. I am much shorter than you, but the Torker CX20 that I sometimes borrow is still a little too small for me, even when the seat is raised beyond the limit.

Whoah, slow down there, I didn’t say it could handle high impact stuff. Keep in mind that I didn’t do tons of drops on mine, just an occasional one here and there. An lx should be strong enough to get you through learning to hop up and down stairs, but if you want to do trials or intend to do much more than that with it you definitely will want a better uni. When it comes to strength, you can never go with to strong. The lx easily survived the hopping that I did on it, but ymmv.

I would assume that he gave up on trying to ride. It’s worth nothing to him, so if you think you’d like that uni, go ahead a make him an offer, including a link or two to sites selling new ones for the same price. :slight_smile:

Beyond that, if you’re serious about getting back into unicycling, save up a little more and get what will really work for you. Also consider eBay, which has a lot more unicycles to choose from. You just have to allow for ship costs.

The 3-foot drop you mentioned doing on an LX is about 2.5 feet higher than any drop I’ve ever done on a uni. That’s why I said “high-impact!” Once I get to 3-foot drops, my use of the words “high-impact” will probably change, but for the moment, the impact of such a drop sounds high to me. Or maybe rather than “high,” a better word would be “terrifying.”

If you want to you could be doing those before you know it!! Jumping down stuff takes a little bit of practice and a gradual change from short to tall.

I would get the lx, but not any thing higher from Torker, the lx’s are nice, but the cx’s are not very good. I spent about $300 on my first uni. I could ride well before I got it so I felt comfortable spending that much. I still wish I spent even more so I won’t be upgrading now. Get the Torker lx, it is plenty strong enough for basic stuff and if you want to upgrade it won’t be as much money wasted.


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