Price check on my cross 20"

I recently decided I need money more than I need my unicycle, so I’m selling it. But before I put in an ad, I want to know how much would any of you pay for it (not really buy it, unles you come to Slovenia).
It’s a one year old Qu-Ax 20" Cross with the K1 Orange Bud seat, yellow flame sticker and the 8-ball valve cap. I will change the seat clamp for a 2-bolted one.

Please, try to hurry, I’m throwing a birthday party soon and I need all the money I can get:D

Ever thought of entertaining on your uni,
For money? :thinking:

Yes, I have, but in a town like mine, that’s really not a way to make money. No tourists and the locals aren’t very keen on watching me and paying for it.

Oh right…

Oh right I FURRgot that you were in a small town.

Looks to be in excellent condition.

I’d say $175 US.

Wow, the price keeps going up:D
At first I wanted to sell it for 100€. I really hope someone wants a cross around here

Yah I’d say $175 is a fair price to ask.