Previewed Forthcoming DVD "Training Wheel Not Required" - Looks Incredible!!!

I was fortunate enough to preview a couple segments of Brian MacKenzie’s forthcoming DVD “Training Wheel Not Required” tonight and I was extremely impressed! It looks like a 1st class production all the way… excellent camera angles, fantastic editing, really cool soundtrack, and some amazing riding! While I enjoyed all the footage I watched immensely, the Coker footage was naturally my favorite… especially one radical move that I won’t mention (unless I get Brian’s permission) that completely blew me away!!! And just so you know… I have no financial interest or involvement in Brian’s video, other than the possibility of his using some of my skatepark footage in it if I can get it to him in time… but I will be posting my skatepark footage to this forum either way. Great work, Brian… can’t wait to get the full length video!