Preview to new Uni Vid!!

Ok… ladies and gentlemen… what none of you have been waiting for. You’ve got to love to hate us…
The preview to… <name goes here> the new unicycle video from CT Unicycle…
and click on Miguels Jalapeno Adventure. Its in Quicktime format so just wait…

Coming late spring.

So… does anyone actually ride a unicycle in the vid? :roll_eyes:

I saw one frame with a unicycle in it. I guess it’s a teaser.


Yup, that is a pretty silly vid. Teen age boys makes strange faces for the video camera… hummm, makes me feel like I’m at work/school…


hey, gotta love to hate us.

Just having some fun!

HECK yes there will be unicycling in this video.

thanx for the warning,i hate to waste bandwidth on funny faces,theres plenty of those in the Faces galley.

I film for these guys, and trust me: just because we got bored and had a little fun w/ a DV camera while editing, dons’t meen that we didn’t spend all day getting some sick footage. There will be another preview to come soon. Sick Stuff.

One Wheel
One Mission
What do you do for fun?

More faces?

Another pic of a guy holding a uni?

Alright guys (Hamden, uniryder777), the reason you’re getting flack (and well deserved, in my opinion) is because you created a “preview for a unicycling video” that (reportedly – I didn’t bother watching the video) has no unicycling content. It’s fairly misleading to say you have created a preview of your unicycling without actually showing any of your “sick” work. People get pissed off when they feel mislead or cheated (of the viewing of some “sick” unicycling).

I (and probably many others) believe that you “[spent] all day getting some sick footage” – that’s not the issue. The problem is you don’t show any of said footage. Frankly (as others have expressed), we don’t want to see just your faces. If said faces are screaming in abject terror or beaming with adrenaline-laced excitement and are somewhere above a unicycle seat, then all is good; bring on the sick footage.


ok, you want footage, i’ll give ya footage

ok…you all may be right in saying that there is really no unicycling footage in the preview. there isn’t really. if you didn’t understand…the long long long and steep steep set of stairs shown with a unicycler on top is IMPLYING something!!! yes its a teaser. comeon give us a break, i’ll cook up a more “acccurate” presentation of our sick footage soon. don’t worry, there will be plenty of adrenaline portrayed in faces ON TOP of unicycles this time (for all you sceptics.)


ok, we’ll be waiting… but, maybe not with bated breath…