preview pic for news freature

Just finished a photo shoot this morning at “Devil’s Slide”, in Simi Valley (CA). The newspaper reporter took the shots, and got quite a few decent ones, including a good UPD! The article will be out within 1-2 weeks, at which time I’ll post it, or the link to it.

The pic below is the “at home” shot. (lowered the res so it would fit) They wanted the pic to “represent” all the things that I am or have been involved in that they thought was interesting. So there’s the Piano (cause I’m a Piano technician by trade), the Ventriloquist dummy, (I used to do TV and nightclubs), the RC airplanes, (Still have fun with that!) and of course, the unicycle(s)!(which I wanted to be the MAIN story! :smiley: Hopefully the article will EMPHASIZE Muni; All the other stuff was THEIR idea…once they came in my house and saw it all! They actually wanted me to Idle on the uni while holding the dummy with one hand, and striking a piano key with the other! I explained that was to “Circus-like” and besides too difficult given the small space and stuff. :slight_smile:

PS: I also asked them to please mention THIS forum, the 7th annual Moab Muni-fest, and in the HIGH hopes that it will help bring more awareness to our sport and possibly new riders!



looks good its a litle dark but ohwell. is that plane you have a “steerable” plane or just a faster slower control?

I think they can probably “photoshop” the pic and adjust brightness…maybe? The RC planes have very powerful electric motors, the pianowing one has a range of 2 miles, and I can make it do rolls, loops, inverted flight, etc; it’s a blast to fly!:stuck_out_tongue: We often fly at the local cliffs, where we also fly un-powered gliders that can reach speeds of 60 mph if the lift and thermals are good!

Is this better, or too bright now?


a bit bright. I’ll try fixing it.

This maybe?


Hey good job! Except I was hoping my ugly mug wouldn’t stand out so much! Did you use photshop or something else?

was this for a local paper? i ask this because the photo, authough sufficient is not what i would expect from a professional. i would hope that they will edit it a fair amount to remove all the things that draw the viewers attention away from the subject(s) in the frame.
these include but not exlusively: the window, the light switch, the line in the wall, and the cd rack.
i dont mean any mallice by my comment, but as a budding photographer myself (when there is time) i tend to be very critical of other photographers (especially ones that get paid to do it) in the sort of way that anyone interested in writing (or english grammer etc) would be appaled at my writing.

anyways, i digress. it is good to see some more publicity for the sport.
on another (yet similar) bike to work day in auckland was a success for the unicycling exposure (tho not huge)

Thanks for those constructive observations. My guess is that they wanted to show the actual/natural setting. Maybe I should have moved the cd rack or postioned myself in front of the wall switch. Unfortunately, that was just about the only spot to shoot since the piano couldnot be moved, and the camera POV couldn’t be changed much either owing to space limitations. Funny, until you mentioned it, I never even thought about, or even noticed those things…hopefully neither will the readers! :roll_eyes:

PS: You’re right, it is for a local paper, in Los Angeles county.

good stuff, and i love the puppet :slight_smile:

Thanks. The Dummy is a “replica” of “Jerry Mahoney”, a famous ventriloquist dummy from the 60’s. Paul Winchell was the Ventriloquist and authorized these (rare) replicas, made using the original as the mold. You can see the original here.


Nice tip!

cheers, tho im not the best photographer out there, it tend to notice the things that could easily improve a photo.
ps, i shoot with a canon 350d (ef-s 18-55mm/ef 50mm f1.8/EF 75-300mm USM/ef 35-80mm usm) tis a good camera indeed.

I never even noticed those things till you mentioned it. anyways I think the first brighter picture looks the best because you can see the unis better

I’m not a photographer, but a videographer. Your tip, while probably partially instinctive while filming, is now added to the ‘must-do’s’ :slight_smile:

Cheers right back atcha!

I’m TOTALLY with you! The room was/is so small, there just simply weren’t real options to what we got. I guess I could have: Removed the moulding from the wall, painted the wall all one color, installed a door to close off the kitchen. The other two items mentioned, the wall switch, could have been covered by me standing in front of it, and the cd rack could have been moved. With all this in mind, I did a sample edit, where I “erased” all that stuff and basically ended up with a plain white background and it just looked kinda bland! The LACK of a “natural” background actually drew MORE attention away from the "subject(s) than the original. At least that’s the verdict from a few friends and relatives. They all said they liked it the way it is because that’s “real” and shows the natural setting. They also said their eyes immediately went to the subject(s), not to the background or other stuff. (indeed, like the quote above, they said they never even noiticed that stuff, until I mentioned it!) But hey, I can appreciate the good points made earlier, and I like the good feedback. Who knows, maybe the editor of the piece will make better mods than I could ever imagine, but then again, it’s just a newspaper article.:slight_smile:

Is the pianowing one of the stick series? Ugly Stick I think it was called? I used to fly RC in HS (along with Full-Scale), I had an Air-Core trainer, and an Aerostar. Got out of it though, the field was 30 min away, and I had no driver’s license. Now I have no time/room :frowning:

It was originally the “Slow-stick” by GWS, before I modified it. I took all the dihedral out of the wing, made and installed ribs under the wing, then braced the underside with carbon fiber rods, then covered the bottom with iron-on ultra-coat. Of course, the piano design was my idea to be able to “write off” the plane as a business expense (advertising I guess!) Then I installed ailerons and to top things off I installed the most powerful Astroflight 020 brushless motor! It will climb straight up for a mile while doing rolls! It’s quite an amazing plane, and still light enough (about 19 0z.) to fly as a glider off the cliffs when there’s good lift. I sent a picture of it to “backyard Flyer”; They published it, and gave me a free 1-year subscription! :smiley: