preventing tyre dry rot

ive got alot of spare tyres hanging around.most of them are almost brand new,they are left overs from my unicycle carcasses of the past.

whats the best way to preserve tyres? is there anything more to it other than keeping them out of the sun and other extremes?

Keep them in a dark, cool, place. I’ve known road racers in the past that kept them under their mattress.

thanx Will,do you work for the FCC?

there are about 15 tyres under my mattress now,what a great idea.i cant wait till the wife finds out,shes gonna think WTF?

Re: preventing tyre dry rot


apart from dark & cool, you should store your tyres lying . If they hang down from the ceiling, they might start to deform quite a bit. After that you might either have a hard time putting them on the rim, or you won’t be able to ride in a straight line.


Heck, Jagur, you may eventually be able to eliminate the mattress all together!:slight_smile:

And, copy that Whiskey Tango Foxtrot from the better half. Negatory on the FCC, good buddy! That comes from my rating and rank when I was in the US Navy: Fire Controlman, Chief Petty Officer.

Re: preventing tyre dry rot

If you can’t actually get them into the mason jar, try spreading preserves directly onto the the tread, lick off any excess.

Orange marmalade- ummmmmm, good. :slight_smile: