Preventing Rust on bearings?

Does anyone know the best way to keep bearings in split hub holders free from rust, I’ve noticed a bit of rust appear on the bearings on my nimbus 29er and have now started using a nimbus 24er for Muni, should they even go rusty? Is it a good idea to use liberal squirts of WD40 around the holders and square tapers or could this help the components to work loose. It’s never been a problem on the Pashley, I suppose that’s one good thing about Lollipop holders is that they give the bearings better protection.


I cover the outside of mine in sticky cycle grease, this seems to do the trick.


Store them in a vacuum.

WD-40 cuts grease. It’s not actually a grease, and shouldn’t really be used as one. Squirting your bearings with WD-40 isn’t going to help.

Also, just let the decay of your bearings take it’s course. They aren’t worth repairing when they break. When they no longer work it’s easiest to just recycle them and get a new set. Also, rust doesn’t matter, as it is almost always superficial. Don’t worry about it, but do stop spraying your bearings with WD-40.

Use a light layer of grease and keep them clean. If anything gets wet, make sure to dry them off after riding.

The square tapers and treads on the hub and pedals should be greased as well. The grease will help to keep water out, which will prevent rust. The grease will aslo alow you to get everything tighter.

WD means water displacement the 40 is the number of attemts till it was affective. But it shouldnt be used as a grease/oil or the like.

I knew what the water displacement part of it meant, but I had always thought the 40 represented the specific gravity or another mass/density related measurement.

From the stories I’ve heard, 40 is simply the number of the formula that was eventually mass-produced and sold. Apparently, there are 39 “WD’s” that never made it out of the lab.


Spray it with Silicone Spray -


Do you do that before you put the wheel on the frame?

Yeah. I just smear it on, then drop the wheel in the frame.

SOfa(Brian Mac) used to have a step by step runthrough of disassembly of bearings and greaing techniques and whatnot on his site… I am afraid it is gone though. I have searched and searched but can’t find a better bearing grease dealy. But I am sure Brian still can tell you about it.

Some people aren’t intersted in replacing their bearings as they are so cheap, but if you have 10 sets of bearings to replace, it adds up, especially if it is only a few minutes of your time over some sudsy beverage of your choice. I still do this, and recommend it (but certainly won’t argue with you if you would rather get new ones)

Preventing rust? Hose down your uni when you bring it in from the wintery/salted roads outside, and let it drip dry. If your wife needs to go in and take a bath, make sure you’ve washed out the mud before she sees it! Washtubs are ideal, but apartments don’t have 'em