pretty upd

last night i had the craziest dismount i’ve ever had. i was dismounting, but after i took my feet off i was still balanced and going forward. i only had time to think ‘uh oh’ before my left pedal hit my calf. so, that brought me down, but then my leg started folding around the pedal, and i was still on the saddle. so i manage to get off the saddle, and the uni falls to the right, letting my leg wrap around the tire instead of pedal. as i fall, my right leg wraps around the seatpost. i hit the ground (asphalt parking lot in bad repair) with the uni between my thighs and calves, and my butt firmly planted on the crown. if i had been holding a guitar while i was skidding across the ground it would have looked pretty cool. not as cool as the hole on the the side of my right foot though

Feels great doesn’t it haha. I have had two of those, quite the
odd feeling forsure.

The first part is what we call unintentional coasting. All the stuff after that is what I call “style points.” Sounds like at least a 9.5!