Pretty Rad Street-Freestyle Vid....

Hey heres a pretty good freestyle-street what ever u want to call it video…tell me what you think

How do I download it?
It asks for username and password…

I cant do it either.

Neither can I! Maybe you, khtrials, could save it and then upload it to the gallery and then we could download it.

You need to register for the site to be able to download the video

Nice Grinds. What pedals are you using?

Yes you do have to register which sucks. I cant load it on this gallery because it wont let me make a gallery.It doesnt take much to register.
Im using snafu pedals with a metal grind plate i made, works great.

Those who don’t want to register for yet ANOTHER account can still download using

Nice vid. You should try to mix it up a little, I remember you having ridiculously smooth 360’s. throw some of those in.

It took forever to download.

What was that song?

Keep them coming,

NICE RIDING! also i would have to say excellent choice using a new song by rise against

Crap I cant delete this post…sorry.


great little video…I must’ve already joined because when I tried to sign up again, it said my e-mail was already in use…it was…by me! Anyway, the first time I saw the rolling hop off the deck, I didn’t see the grind rail and it looked like you were defying gravity in your descent to the ground, very slick…it would be a nice idea to try on purpose: Camoflage the rail, put it in some unattainable looking gap, and fly over it. Thanks for the vid.


Thanks for the comments.Ill put some 360s in my next one.
That song was called paper wings, rise against is awesome.
Hey brock, I saw one of your videos that had give it all by rise against and it was a cool vid. I ride biketrials to but usualy make seperate videos.More to come…

man i really want to watch this video… can ANYone take this and put it into their gallery or somthing…? becuase i dont know how else to veiw it…