"Pretty intense" muni ride in the Alps

Follow mountain Unicyclists Ben Soja, Sarah Nyffeler and Flo Kaiser on their ride down from the Illhorn (2716m / 8910ft) in the Swiss Alps.

Very nice vid. I wish I could go there in a blink and ride.

Where did you take the lift at the beginning of the video? And how much of the climb does it save?

The lift takes you up to Tsapé (approx. 2400m), so from there it’s just a climb of about 300m to the summit. Map with hiking trails: http://s.geo.admin.ch/63d425ac98

Looks terrifying, but fun! :slight_smile:

Bucket list uni location.

Great riding!

Hi Rocco,

thanks for the additional information. That sounds like a great ride where you don’t burn everything on the climb thanks to the lift service :wink: