Pretty Good Vid #2 - NZ STREET & FLAT

The Pretty Good Vid #2 !!! :smiley:

With Chris Huriwai, Tim Otter Leathart, Daniel Dogfood Wade, Sam La Hood and Steffan Safey. Also accompanied by (but not featuring in this episode) Mike Padial and Tawhai Huriwai.

Our unicycle adventures over the weekend of the Auckland Circus Convention.

Pretty good vid yess!
Chris i love your riding and your style, just soo good :slight_smile:

Thanks Raph :slight_smile: I am currently working on a solo video :D. But for my solo videos I usually film alone… so won’t have lines like this video.

Pretty damn good. Weird terrain in the first half with all those little windows. Was that an old prison?

It was actually an old winery. There was some awesome stuff there for creative street riding. Wish we had more time to film there.

+1… didnt get to play on that long rail more :frowning: