Pretty Good Tutorial - Full-out backsideflips and everything inbetween

Please share your comments, if you found this tutorial useful or not. And if you would like to suggest a tutorial for us to do then feel free.

Great tutorial! Lots of good tips, and your fulloutbacksideflips look amazing. Backside tricks are definitely strange and really different for each rider, like you said. It’s funny that you hate fulloutbacksidespins, personally I think that they are one of the easier backside tricks. Tomorrow I’m going to work on some backside tricks, I’d love to be able to fulloutbacksideflip as consistantly as you.

I’ll work on some simpler tutorials when I can, I just made this one cause I wanna see more people doing this sick trick :P.

Lol dude I hate that trick so much, I can rarely do them, cranks always flip.

you should do a rail grinding one

Might do… kinda keen. Seems popular