Pretty good MUni article

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Re: Pretty good MUni article

Despite a bit of heavy handed prose, it is a good article. The “c” word is also absent with negative or positive comparisons; a good thing, I think.

Thanks for posting, Scott.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I’m very impressed by this article. The author definitely did his homework, or maybe he’s a MUni rider himself! He picked out names besides just Kris Holm and even mentioned It took me months to figure out who all those people were. Very informative for anyone new to MUni.

Paco, check your email!!!

Great artical!



[/I] :thinking:

I understand this to be speaking of the web presence that unicycling has been given by its “digital savvy” adherants. This forum has definitely encouraged me to take up the uni again!