pretty cool video

i didnt make it but i found it and enjoyed it. here you go

Yeah that clip was in defect. Her name is like Kaori Matsuzawa. Was it her myspace?


no, i dont it was hers, where do u get defect other than online, they dont sell it at any big places do they?

You have to order it either from Bedford, UDC, or syko productions.

wow… shes a beast… i would totally date her :sunglasses:

that was awesome

That was great, it made me want to go out and practice WW, so i did.

yep… but isnt this stealing ? I dont think it’s legal anyway

she must have the best amount of balance in the world!

Like a 1 footed coast!? Comon’!

Zack did.

that makes me want 2 go and learn more freestyle.


She can do things on a uni that I can’t even do on two feet!
My girlfriend and I applauded once the film had finished.

once again no fair.:slight_smile:

Haven’t all you people seen Defect??

Come on, I thought EVERYBODY had Defect…

yeah, me too…
anyway, isn’t this somewhat illegal, since Defect is a movie that you need to buy, and downloading from the internet, and all?

I think the Koxx freestyle vid is even better…

stealing? isnt it stealing when you drink from a drinking fountain

It’s stealing when we drink from public drinking fountain? placed there for us to drink? Well that’s not gonna be good for me…

Seeing that ‘illegal’ clip has made me go and order Defect online. If I hadn’t seen it, then the producers of Defect would not have received my revenue.

Speaking of which, can anyone recommend any other cool videos with Unicycling that are equally as awesome, which I should own? If you can point me in the direction of some more ‘illegal’ video clips, then I will gladly part with some more cash.

i can find you hundreds, ill work on a list