Pretty cool unicycle video

Hi guys.
I’ve just watched this video on youtube. It’s pretty neat ! I love the way the guy free mounts his unicycles in the air.

Sick video! Thanks for sharing.

That walker thing at the end was cool as fck :sunglasses:

I think that dude just won the internet.

Never seen a belt-drive giraffe before :slight_smile: And a long time since I’ve seen anyone do drops on one :smiley:

OMG. Yeah! That video just kept getting more amazing! Never see that flying mount in other vids, and the bipedal giraffe was a jaw-dropper fer sher. Another plus: the break dancing was mercifully brief. :wink:

okay that giraffe walker thing was just fricken awesome, looks to be a fun novelty.

Yeah, but it did appear to break at the end. I’d like to see one based on Klann or Jansen linkages.