presta valve caps

check these out,the top spins and you can get em in all kinds of colors.See

Or run none and save some minimal weight :slight_smile:

that works with schrader, not so much with presta

weight weenie

I know :smiley:
i like them but i would rather run none. it ends up being a oz of rotaional weight saved so why not?

Thats like using one less screw to put together a house to save weight on the foundation. O_o

not that suede but with wheels when you save weight that is moving it is magnified alot

When my muni looks good, I feel good, when I feel good I ride good, therefore bling makes you a better rider :slight_smile:

So Wes, ya wanna buy my Surly 26 with a Larry? You can make payments if you sign a promissary note :slight_smile:

Dude I can do that!


i have the purple nipples that match,just to break up the red frame

you’re probably going to regret saying that.


I just need a hub now

is that yellow spokes?

no, they’re a luscious shade of green.


yes,I wanted to break it up a little,whats up with the new up price on KH hubs,I was just gonna order hub,now there 125 instead of 95

hahahahah +1

Presta or Schrader?

Is there much difference between Presta and Schrader valves?

from my experience, Schrader valves are easy peasy, however if you rim is drilled for presta, a shrader valve won’t fit. Presta can be kinda finicky: you usually need to break the seal by pressing the valve with your finger before attaching the pump, if you’re not careful, you can bend the valve stem pulling the pump off. Without a cap on the Presta valve, it would be possible to bend/break the extruded valve stem with a rock strike…

I really dislike Presta valves, but I use them depending on the rim and whether I’m using UST Tubeless.

Thanks for the information :slight_smile:

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