presentation on unicycling

i have been asked by my sons school teacher to give a small presentation about unicycles and.unicycling to his class

this is a class of 4 and.5 year olds

so im looking to keep it.really short.
not.much talking, but lots of pictures

maybe some short videos

and a bit of live demo

now. im not a great unicyclist, i can free mount and ride, idle indefinately, ride backwards well
but tricks wise… i can do a few.revolutions 1 footed, and can get a.180 uni.spin.1.out.of 20 attempts,

so im.thinking this is not the area to focus on

rather take some unis, my hockey 20, my mountain guni.26, my g36. and a 12 incher. just lwt them see the kit, and someone riding

what i would like are pictures or.very clips

plus.any suggestions

I think most of them are a bit young to learn, but they will certainly get a kick out of your demonstration. It doesn’t have to be very advanced either.

Here is a thread about kids and unicycling. Some videos as well: Starting little kids on unis

Riding at all is awesome for most of non-riders. If you can idle, then you can take part of your speech idling. 1-foot will be enough for them. I don’t think they would appreciate enything more than unispin as usually people don’t see how hard some tricks are.
I did a short presentation on unicycling, but it was on traveling festival and was concentrated on travel/activities in Poland, but you can see it for some inspiration:

Most 4 and 5 year olds will be impressed if you can just get on the thing and stay on it! They won’t be any more impressed by more advance tricks.

Just an idea: I’d bring in a bike too (something they’ll be familiar with) and ask them what’s missing on the unicycle. Then show them that it still works (can be ridden) and can even do some things a bike can’t, like riding backwards. As I said, just an idea.

When I rode a uni in front of a crowd of kids that age, I had just learned to idle and was very proud of it, but they thought it was really boring. What they loved was when I rode around in a circle as fast as I could.

What I would enjoy the most of such a demo, is asking them “do you think you can do that to” and if they say no “Why not? If I can do it why can’t you?”.
The factors ‘unicycle’ and ‘time’ are fix’able, but self-confidence is often good to stimulate.
But yeah, you risk that you would have to come back for doing workshops :smiley: