Prequel to UCSB Unicycling: CAMPUS

Here’s a video that I mostly made 1 year ago. I never did anything with it, but yesterday I edited together a second half for it. The 2nd half is actually riding that was done in the Spring, but the bulk of it is a prequel I think…

Anyway, here you go, 2 versions:

Big, 64 mbs

Small, 25 mbs


Or if you are into YouTube, here’s that link as well:

So when is your new video going to be coming out? Is there one in the works?

Thats a pretty sweet video though, I found the rock trials kinda meh, but everything else was good.

it isnt workin for me on youtube. but man i love ucsb unicycling.

Whoa man, that scene where Kaori spins with the camera makes me dizzy…awesome movie.

Awesome movie!

I loved that ending freestyle footage. That was my favorite.


Sweet video man! I can see some potentialy very nasty falls on those rocks! That takes guts;)

I actually liked that part.

Cool vid.

I thought that the rock trials were like the representative modern version of George Peck’s. Very cool!

Nice style. I don’t understand why unicyclists, which tend to be white or Asian, seem to like black music so much for videos. I like the music (except violent or misogynist lyrics), nothing there, and I’m not racist in any form, I just don’t understand the culture choice.

Bombing down the inside stairs at the dorm was cool too. It reminds me of lounge table bowling and fire-pizza frisbee. :wink:

Totally agree on the George Peck link. I liked the lines in the fountain.

If I ever get good enough to make a video, it will be the Statler Brothers all the way in the soundtrack. :slight_smile:

I had that same thought watching this vid. But good flowing hip-hop works better than most anyhting else in an action sport vid imo.