Preparing for the snow.

From your personal experience which is easier to handle in the snow, a 20" or 24" with comparable 3" tires? I hope to continue riding my uni to school throughout the winter. the school is just under a mile away so I think a 20" would still be feasible. Also, are the brake mounts such as those on the new 2006 Torker DXs magura specific or could one mount the standard V-brake? I’m looking at upgrading in the next couple months and the 2006 DXs seem pretty nice with price considered as I work at a bike shop which deals torker and I could quite possibly get a decent discount.

I have ridden a 20" unicycle for two winters now.

The first winter I studed the tire with screws. I would recommend that to anyone wanting to do winter riding. Anything more then 50 or so screws gets counter productive, just put the screws sticking out a 45 degree angle so they only dig in when you turn, so you aren’t riding your whole weight on them normally.

Last winter I had a my KH20 05 so I didn’t want to mess up the tire, so I just used a normal trials tire, but still did alot of winter riding.

Without screws a 24" better for winter riding then a 20". However a 20" in the winter is totally do-able.

Here’s a thread from last winter:

Thanks for that link, I answered my question about the brakes after having found this post:

24", definitly.

We had our first snow yesterday, in fact. Its melted by now though.

Thats good to know about the brake mounts, im going to getting the same 06 DX pretty soon, and was wondering the same thing. If you can get them discounted, go for it! It will be a HUGE step up from your LX.

I like the 24" muni for snow… The knobby works really well, and I like the control/leverage I get with the 165mm cranks. Oh wait, I only had 155mm cranks last year… I’ll let you know how it works :wink: Is it hilly or flat on the way to school? After a snow storm I can get to school, but getting back after school is entirely different… Uphill the whole way back :frowning:

Another thing you might try are tire chains…

Click the pictures for bigger versions…

We played uni-hockey in the snow a couple of times last year, Snow wasn’t a problem on 20" trails, infact i found the snow to be surprisingly grippy… the problems came once the snow had been compacted into ice (probably not actually ice, just compacted snow, I’m sure if there is an inuit unicycle rider out there they would give me the correct term). That resulted in lots of slip, slidin’ away UPDs.

would be a lot of fun to play uni-hockey on a ice rink with studded types and stacks of protective gear (don’t start with the whole helmet thing!) has anyone done that??

who needs Inuits when you have google

It is almost completely downhill from my house but it isnt too steep, just long. If the chains hadn’t of rubbed the frame how much do you think they would have helped you? The reason I was asking which handled better in the snow is that since you are lower on a 20" I figured your center of gravity would be lower resulting in less slipouts.

It makes sense, but it doesnt really work that way. 24" is way better in snow. Plus, in deep snow, your feet dont get as wet.

Yeah, that makes sense and I assume you can more easily power through the deeper snow with the larger wheel.

Re: Preparing for the snow.

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>who needs Inuits when you have google

I do, to check on the truthfulness of above page, and of the other
pages you find when typing “words for snow” into Google.

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