Preparing for a pain free long ride

Would like some advise from seasoned riders who have suggestions on how to properly protect the fellas from going numb on a long ride.
Have I failed to properly adjust my unicycle?
This is not a joking matter…please help!!


Cornstarch helps for chafing. I know it’s lame, but powder your “buddies” up with some cornstarch and you should be chafe free to an extent. Wearing bikeshorts helps ALOT, too. Theyre relatively inexpensive, and wil save you from saddle soreness and will keep your junk out of the way. Wear them under your normal shorts if you are shy. But the ladies like it if you just wear them by themselves.

If you geve more info, you could get more help, and this should be in RSU.

biek shorts, and putting as much weight on the handle as you can. think about getting a gb4 handle or simialr for really long outings. what distance and on what uni and seat? more info would get better suggestions.

that, and an airseat would be good too.

  1. Airseat
  2. Biking Shorts
  3. Handlebars
  4. Lubricant or what Catboy said…
  5. Loud Music (takes your mind off the pain)
  6. Ride more.(improves technique and your “fellas” will get used to it)
  7. Take breaks
  8. Wear boxers when you’re not riding i.e. give them breathing space

I had the same problem. Here was my solution:

  1. Convert to airseat and put no foam up front.
  2. Tilt the seat level with the ground, (slightly upwards)
  3. Hang balls over the front of the seat
  4. Ride more off-road (which gets the rider off of the seat).

No more problems whatsoever.

Practice. Oh and don’t sit on your balls. All the other things are unimportant compared to practice.

Work up to long rides. If you live less than 5 miles from work, ride to work on your uni as much as you can. If you ride 3 or 4 miles a few times a week for a few weeks, you’ll soon have no problems with 30 mile rides. If you ride 5 miles a day for a couple of months, you’ll have few problems with 50 mile rides. That’s assuming you’ve got a biggish wheel, for a smaller wheel half those distances and it’ll still make sense.