Premium Plastic Sealed/DU pedals....

26 USD per pair… jesus that’s cheap for a pair of pedals like that. Verrrry light too.

I probably wouldn’t ever use them since I’d ride trials, but we’ll see…
Anyone got 'em? I’m interested to hear what people have to say about these.

Sadly, they don’t seem to be in stock anywhere in the UK!

Maybe it’s because I’m not so into trials, but the spindle looks very strong. Is it?

Lol I don’t care if they’re plastic, I wouldn’t want to take one of those to the knees xD

what brand are they and where can i buy a pair? i ride street and am in need of some new pedals. i’d be tempted to get them and then post a review

I’m curious, too: Where do you get them?

They look sick, I’d love to have them if anyone has something good to say about them, as they look very strong.

They look good.

@ unirox13

''Ultra slim PC pedal. Uses sealed bearings / bushings to make it that much sweeter than the rest of the PC pedals out there.

weight = 5.5 oz. each ‘’

Looks like a sweet pedal for $26

They also sell these. Wonder if it’s because they break often.