Premier Pro Tester

I liked Agent Q’s little video from when he was practicing for 75 cm, and I Remembered I had taken some video when I was practicing as well, almost as inspired as Justin (but with a lot less experience), I thought it would be fun to make a vid as well. Unfortunately it turns out my battery died while I was practicing so I only got the 70 cm jump (not 71 as it sais in the video), so I tossed in some other clips and played around with Premier Pro for the first time.

Here is the result, I’m hoping to make a much better street/gliding vid before winter comes, so any tips on editing would be great.

No crazy tricks, just a few basics, short and sweet. More to come.

Should be ready to see in about a minute but I gotta run.

WW to Fakie WW, soo cool.

2 down, world to go.

blind isn’t it? Awesome, I’ve always wanted to throw that into a street line.

Yea I missed the edit. its really sidways ww to blind… as well as not just ww.

Sweet! Liked it alot…

Like I said, more to come.

good riding!
what did you do with premier that you couldnt do in windows movie maker?

Used it on a Mac.

oh, well then imovie.


The new iMovie has no editing features for speed or anything, it is pretty brutal, and the titles were easier to do. There wasn’t really a lot of editing to do, and I made the whole thing in about an hour including 10 minutes of riding the film everything except the high jump, but a lot of the time was spent figuring out how to do things like chop up clips and stuff like that, then putting in the varying speeds.

I’m really happy to hear that people liked it, and so far every comment has put a smile on my face, so thank you to everyone that watched it, it is definitely providing a lot of motivation to make another one. Hopefully if my next day off isn’t too cold you can expect another one soon.

make a video?

Pretty sweet. Remember to deinterlace. =p

props thats a nutty trick…really weird to do but tight

i miss our chats on the trials course :wink:

You will just have to come to OUI or NZ. Although I might see if I can make it to NAUCC this year.

Now on Youtube!

And thanks for the tip Jerrick, I didn’t even know what de-interlacing was until earlier today. I liked the effect at first, made it feel like it was higher quality, but I guess it is a bad thing?

The best example of it is on the first 4 pictures on this site.

Then it goes into detail what it is. Very helpful when making videos.