Premature Tire Wear

Hey guys I searched for things along these lines and couldn’t find any good info.

I have a KH 24, and while I do hit the trails pretty often, I also tend to do a lot of road riding on it. Just recently I rode to work and back, a combined trip of maybe 9 miles.

Because of all this i have noticed that I am wearing my tread at a rapid speed and i want to know if this is unhealthy. Will a Muni tire become unserviceable faster than a street tire when used under the same conditions?

I know this is no brainer and is pretty obvious but I need the feed back.


Yes, a mountain tire will wear out much much faster when used on roads than a rode tire will. Mountain tires use much stickier rubber, have more contact with the ground, and have mountain tread designs which are designed to give grip which means more of it rubs off.

exactly what i was going to say

Tires like that of a Muni tire* have soft compounds, which wears off really easily (same with ralley race car tires), and rode tires have a harder compound that wears really slowly, or as efficiently as possible. (like tires made for a commuter car, so you dont have to change tires often)

*trials tires are also like this. Even softer compounds in trials for max grip.

You should pump your tyre harder for road riding. It will deform less when (where) it hits the riding surface, and therefore your knobbies will rub the street less, ans consequently wear less. In addition, with higher pressure your unicycle will handle better.

Mountain tires would have less contact with the ground on a hard surface. The contact area of the tire is generally less than 50% of the circumference, compared to over 80% for road tires. So with all of your weight on less surface area the wear will be higher for a mountain tire.

Of course, for soft conditions, the knobbles will dig in so a mountain tire will have a much higher contact area than a smooth road tire.


Damn it looks like I am going end up replacing the tire pretty soon then.

Mountain tires may have less surface contacting the ground, but the rolling resistance is higher than a street tire allowing for more grip on less than perfect terrain, I think that may be what mornish was trying to get at.

Why not get a tire specifically for commuting? It would handle better on the pavement, and you could save the other tire for it’s intended terrain.

I would use a more slick tire for the road, like the 2.5" Hookworm.

Also all unis wear tires unevenly, so you have to rotate the tire regularly. 90 degrees each time, until it gets “corners” of tread, then rotate it 45 degrees and then 90. You could repeat this until it goes bald, then when you run out of traction in the dirt, ride it on the road until the threads start to show.

Thanks Guys I appreciate the help.