preforming a 360

hey wuts up. ive been unicycling for 2 years and i preform a 360. any1 got netips for me

if you CAN do a 360 why do you need any tips?

Well, here are your tips anyways: 1- Go to school.
2- Learn how to write.
3-Don’t make me waste my time again.

go murde! you show em’!

I know eh? I thought: Now’s my chance to prove that I’m not all fluff and that I can be mean for no reason.

So there!



Da Irony.:wink: :wink:

why is this even in unicycle product reviews ? :angry:


I´m getting were I want!!
Soon I´ll be able to controll your lives, by IRONY :roll_eyes:

look at this guys name!
I think its soo k00l!:smiley:

No, nothing was ironic here so there’s no irony. So No none of that. That goes for you to treehuggerunifreak.

Haha…yeah I didn’t get where the irony was either…

I think that there is some sort of metaphorical pun somehwere in all this, im just not sure where…:stuck_out_tongue:

Right there! ---------> #

oh wait, that isn’t a metaphorical pun…:frowning:

Woe is me.

Ohh… Now I get it.

huh?! I still don’t get it!!

I think tim should change his avatar, i’m starting to get the hots for him.