pref seat height on trials.

curly ginger guy at BUC said (Ian?) that his pref height for trials is when you standing on the uni your arm is st8 and grabbing onto the seat grab.

What is everyones pref seat height when ya feet at 6/12 or 3/9?


Mine’s just a shade lower than how Zack Baldwin ride’s his in, say, Maidu Madness. The video’s on if you haven’t seen it yet.

Which means I ride mine high, because almost all of my riding is seat-out.

I don’t have any idea. I just keep moving the seat up and down untill I like it, then ride. If I think it feels a little low, I’ll raise it.

It’s just whatever feels best for you.

this really inrtrest me… i am new to trails riding and have been wondering where the seat should be for maximum hops and comfortable drops…
i understand alot of this is personal prefrence, but
im sure there is is some technical reasoning out there

maybe some refrence points when standing next to the uni it comes to (this close to my belly button)

I put my seat up waist height. When I eventually make the switch to an alum. KH frame, I’ll buy a new seat post so I can put it up about a centimeter higher.

I feel more stable the higher the seat is, for seat out.

When the seat is higher, you’re not as hunched over, and it’s not so hard on your knees.

BUT, it’s always going to be a matter of what works best for you, because I ride seat-out primarily. I really don’t do anything seat-in.

Or your back for that matter…

The other day I did a hop then lost control a lil, so I had to hunch over a huge bit and hop and bam…Pulled something in my back.

So now I raised my seatpost a tad, and tilted the seat so the handle is much higher to reduce my chance of hurtin my back as I really despise back pain(who doesn’t?)

when i stand behind it, the seat is like 1" under by belly button.

super low