Pre-Unicon XV Los Angeles stop over Weekend?

From Klaas Bil’s thread about flights from Amsterdam to Wellington. I was doing some research on flights from Europe and it seems many European unicyclists might have stop overs in Los Angeles.

Might there be interest in arranging some sort of a Los Angeles Unicycle Stop over for Unicon Bound travelers.

If enough people were interested in making a day or 2 stop over maybe we could arrange something.

It might be possible to arrange home stays, rides, and sightseeing with local Southern California riders.

Maybe the costs of extending a lay over would be too high to make it worthwhile. I don’t know.

Is there any interest in this from the local Southern California riders and any unicyclists that might be travelling through Los Angeles for Unicon?

I would be really really interested in this idea. I was already thinking about going to LA for my birthday, but if I can combine the two it would be even more awesome, probably save me some money as well.

I would be more than happy to show everyone around to some great trails in the LA area if I’m around as I might be heading to New Zealand a few weeks early and possibly staying later. As it gets closer I’ll know more, but even if I’m not around I can recommend some sweet trails, riders, homes to stay, etc.

It would be great to have you guys in our area here. I’m about 90 min. north of LA Airport, there are great trails here (Pt. Mugu State Park) but I know there are also some nice trails much closer to the airport that other locals are very familiar with. It would also be a blast to ride through some streets in Santa Monica (like 3rd St. Prominade) then take a spin down the beach bike path and head to the pier/amusement park for lunch.