Pre-Unicon Ride and Tour

Anyone interested? Seems like I can’t get leave approved for after so I’m heading off earlier instead :frowning:

I’ll be on the North Island one week before UNICON start.

Auckland: 20-21-22-23 december
Tauranga: 23-24-25 december
Rotorua: 25-26-27 december

I will mostly visit the cities but I will also be up for some MUni and trial. I’m only bringing my KH24"

I’m definitely bringing my freestyle 20" and depending on how I feel about doing a marathon, a 29" with short cranks.

Am looking at visiting the same areas you are. Are you going with anyone else?

Well, there is two of my uni-buddy that still don’t know if they are coming to NZ yet but that is really not sure. It would be really cool to do it with someone.

Check your pm, I’ll send you the details of my trip.

I am touring North Island a bit with a few others before Unicon, starting on 10th December. I’m not sure where I will be on which dates yet, but as were starting in Auckland I guess the closer to Unicon the further south we will be… maybe.

I’m having a bit of a problem getting air tickets that aren’t phenomenally expensive. I think it’s likely that i’ll touchdown in Auckland somewhere around the 18th Dec.

Ok I’ve my dates confirmed -

I’ll be in Auckland on Christmas. Anyone with a similar plan?

Some of you should come to Hamilton :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s in-between car trips between most cities.

I don’t have a driver’s license. I am contemplating flying south from auckland and spending christmas evening there. Anyone with better suggestions?