Pre-Season at the Hawk (Snowboard video)

Just a little teaser of whats to come, for this winter.



Not a unicycle video… But very cool tough!

nice vid:D

the editing is great but i also like the vid:D

Skiing’s better :P. It was kool thought.

Cool vid. Throw a backflip in there :wink:

Darnit, I wanna go skiing now so bad

Cool. Nice editing and feel to the vid. Nice bail at the end too.

What do you guys call those half rail takeoff things? Like rail kickers? cause imo they look really stupid and way too easy.

Eh, i gotta try and do the rail at our hill again sometime… It scares me though.

Your bail reminded me of one I did last season lol.

I was going into a 360 tailgrab, but I started twisting the board before I was even off the ground cuz the jump wasn’t too large. I caught my front edge right as I was taking off and did a superman all through the air. The landing wasn’t very fun at all.

I really liked it. For some reason I have never even been snowboarding, but im planning to start this winter.

Made me want to snowboard.

Can’t wait for the season to start.

I couldnt agree more. My board looks so lonely sitting in its corner.

I need to hurry up to the mountains so I can go out of bounds. Also need to practice stuff in the park. Ive been more into backcountry the last few years.

Back country is super fun. Sept around where I am at we are lucky to have snow on the trails, let alone in the woods.

I had a pretty good conversation about snowboarding the other day. The sport has come along effin way. I remember my first time out, the “Burton” boots I rented were called the Work boots. Basically they were modified worker boots, haha. The only jibs you could find, if you were lucky, was a tree trunk, and jumps were just rollers actually had to ollie off of.

Dang kids these days, just walk out there door and they got a 22 foot pipe.

ahaha. Our hill is like 140ft drop from the top MAYBE, less probably, so theres not much. Our terrain park has a bunch of different types of rails, and some biggish jumps, but nothing HUGE. We cant go HUGE because of out hill, so everythings tiny-ish, which makes things different in riding styles of people here. People here dont take anythign for granted, except for the snow (people say it sucks). But anyway, my point is we dont have major things, so our riding style doesnt go big, it goes technical. (people tweak tricks so much)

Im lucky enough to live by some really close mountains. So nothing is really in short supply over here. :slight_smile:

My local spots suck. The jump in this vid is better then anything they are gonna build once they all open up.

that kinda sucks.

Once our park really opens fully, and our temp park’s features get moved to the real park (where they’ll stay the rest of the season), we’ll have a 15ft tall kicker, then about a 15ft gap to a HUGE landing area.

Ahh, for now we just have this tiny little kicker/gap/landing thing, it sorta sucks, but there was a lip on it today. I gotta work on my spins… I put a lot of flare into my tail grabs. - I love freestyle skiing.