Pre-Ride Analysis of my New Raceface Evolve XC Seatpost

For all you pic junkies the pic is below.

I just bought a new seatpost for my trials uni. I picked up the Raceface evolve XC post and im pretty syked about it right now. In the pic it shows how the caliper on the seatpost is able to slide up and down allowing for superior ease of changing tilt in your seat. It comes in 27.2 so its great for the new KH frames as an alternative to having to go Thompson. Lieke the Thompson the inside of the post is more oval shaped with the front and rear havin thicker walls. Also at 220grams for a 9 inch post its pretty good for weight too.

The cost is $70 CAD for the post and so far i think its worth it.
Now all i need to do is wait for my rails to get here from Darren and ill be all set.

EDIT> I will post another review after having a chance to ride it.