pre order your extreme unicycling t-shirt today!

people who post saying they want this wickid awsome t-shirt within 7 days (week from post time) will be able to get one. this thred will effect the number of shirts i make. They will be white with black 3/4 sleeves (end just below the elbow) and on the front it will say “extreme unicyclist” in black lettering with neon green flames around it. on the back it will say “stop clowing around” with neon green flames around it. it sucks because i cant get the the images on here so basically the description says everything about it. so plese post and the price will be 17$ for sure.

you dont have to pay now, you pay when i actually have the shirts. (which will be in a week)

I could see myself buying that.

well there is only 1 person who would want one and thats not worth it anybody else want one please? im making them for the local unicyclists and im going to smack a big colorado on there if no one else wants one

I’m in for sure! Hey, I’ll even take one with you slap a big Colorado on there (but will it all fit, I wonder?! :smiley: )

its only gunna say “colorado extreme unicyclist” if there is not enough people to want one

I can try ‘fake it’ and pass for a Colorado extreme unicylcist…what do you think?! :roll_eyes:

how come people dont want one? somebody suggest what would be better. and what you would like to see.

I’ll take one, they sound cool, but I’m not into it having Colarado on it.


I’d take one, without Colorado on it. Take a picture, once it’s printed.